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Who will provide the ESCO with ongoing management and maintenance services?

Boxed Heat’s technical partner, Baxi Heating will provide planned preventative and reactive maintenance services. Baxi Heating are incentivised by the ESCO to ensure the heating systems are operated at 100% uptime and at their optimum efficiency.

What works are funded by Boxed Heat?

Boxed can fund all plantroom refurbishment works, as well as funding other works to the remaining heating infrastructure on a case by case basis.


Who decides which technical solution should be installed?

The landlord chooses which solution it would like to have installed, following receipt of a technical feasibility report from Boxed Heat.

How does the Landlord review and approve the technical solution and delivery program?

All feasibility reports and system designs are to be approved by the landlord’s technical service teams and/or consultants prior to starting the project. In addition, the Landlord can review and approve the Delivery Program, Construction Phase Plan and all CDM documentation produced by the Boxed Heat team.

Who is responsible for CDM and Health and Safety on Boxed sites?

Boxed Energy becomes the appointed CDM Principal Designer and CDM Client for all its projects. The appointed Installation Partner becomes the CDM Principal Contractor and all H&S risk assessments and method statements produced by the Principal Contractor will be reviewed and approved by Boxed Energy.

HSA Model

Is it possible to negotiate the terms of the contractual documents or charging structure?

Unfortunately the terms of the OJEU tender mean that the contractual documents or charging structure cannot be materially altered.

What happens at the end of the 20-year HSA period?

At the end of the 20-year HSA, the landlord can decide whether it wishes to take ownership of the heating system, or whether Boxed Heat should remove the plant at its own expense.

Will installing new heating systems under the Boxed HSA model require any lender or third party consents?

The HSA grants Boxed Heat a licence to access a property to operate and maintain the plant, rather than establishing a leasehold arrangement. As a result, the HSA structure should not require lender consent, however individual landlords should obtain independent confirmation from their own legal representatives.

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