Boxed Heat
Better for landlords
Better for landlords

Under our Boxed Heat
HSA landlords can avoid:

  • Making upfront payments until the new heating system is commissioned and operating at maximum efficiency
  • Managing any sinking funds for spare parts and consumables for the 20-year term of the HSA

Landlords therefore have the benefit of spreading the cost of the new plant over a 20-year period with a fixed monthly Standing Charge.

All ongoing servicing, maintenance and repairs are then covered by a fixed monthly O&M Charge.

This provides landlords with both cost certainty and a discount on their ‘business as usual’ costs.

Better for residents
Better for residents

Under our Boxed Heat model residents enjoy:

  • Brand new, high-specification heating systems that are maintained and operated to the highest standards
  • A guarantee that their heating
    consumption will not rise
Better for the environment
Better for the environment

Boxed Heat has a financial incentive to operate the new heating system at its maximum efficiency for the full 20-year term of the HSA.

By installing high efficiency modern plant and optimising control strategies, our Boxed Heat model has reduced heat-related CO2 emissions by an average of over 30% per site.

All consumption savings are accurately recorded under Boxed Heat, allowing landlords to easily benchmark and report their carbon emissions on a site by site or portfolio basis.

When it comes to funding, we think out of the box
When it comes to funding, we think out of the box

Boxed Heat is a unique funding solution for social and commercial landlords.

Using captured energy savings to help with financing costs, the Boxed Heat model funds full boiler plant room upgrades and spreads the cost over a 20-year period.

The Heat Service Agreement (HSA) has two fixed monthly payments: one to cover the cost of the plant room (Standing Charge), one to cover all servicing and repair costs (O&M Charge). This provides landlords with ongoing cost certainty and enables easy long-term budgeting and financial planning.

The Heat Charge is the final monthly payment under the HSA. It is calculated in line with the average kWh gas consumption at the site and is recharged to residents.

Boxed Heat therefore enables landlords with restricted budgets to deliver urgent heating refurbishment projects with speed – on a standalone or portfolio-wide basis.

Let’s talk heating tech
Let’s talk heating tech
Boxed Heat works with Baxi Heating to provide bespoke heat solutions focussing on site-specific requirements.
Condensing boilers

Boxed Heat partners with Baxi to deliver UK  manufactured, ultra efficient condensing boilers, specifically designed to meet the requirements for Social Housing refurbishment projects.

All Boxed Heat specified boilers meet the latest low carbon legislation, have excellent SAP ratings and are certified to work with 20% hydrogen.

Heating Control and Monitoring

All Boxed Heat installations have full remote control and monitoring capability, that significantly reduce energy and reduce unnecessary maintenance call outs.

These cloud based control systems enable asset managers and contractors to remotely adjust the primary flow and return temperatures and system set points.

Immediate SMS and/or email alarms are generated if there are any significant component failures, enabling reactive maintenance contractors to attend site as quickly as possible and in some cases before the site realises that there has been a heating failure.

Renewable heating

Boxed Heat works with its technical partners to deliver the lowest carbon solution that are commercially feasible.

All heating technologies are assessed including, ground and air source heat pumps, solar thermal systems, battery thermal storage and fully electric heating systems

A new Boxed Energy boiler could
reduce your CO2 emissions by
more than 30%
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