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Energy-efficient led lighting systems
Energy-efficient led lighting systems

Boxed Light enables landlords to completely upgrade their communal and lighting systems with no upfront capital costs.

Under Boxed Light’s unique Light Services Agreement (LSA) model, landlords are only required to pay a single monthly Operation Charge payment to cover the full turnkey cost of installing the new lighting plant.

Safe and compliant emergency lighting
Safe and compliant emergency lighting

Boxed Light takes full responsibility for the management of the delivery and commissioning of the new plant.

Working with market-leading UK manufacturers, we supply only the highest-quality LED luminaires, with state-of-the-art control and monitoring systems.

This enables us to provide remote testing of all emergency lighting, and deliver British Standard compliant reports, which will immediately highlight any emergency lighting failures.

Luminaire 10-year lifecycle replacements
Luminaire 10-year lifecycle replacements

Under the monthly LSA Operation Charge, Boxed Light also provides landlords with full life cycle replacement of all lighting components for the 10-YEAR term of the LSA. 

This is double the maximum warranty period provided by LED lighting suppliers and provides landlords with cost certainty and the ability to easily budget for maintenance and repair costs.

We capture energy savings from ultra-energy-efficient <br> LED lighting to deliver a unique refurbishment solution
We capture energy savings from ultra-energy-efficient
LED lighting to deliver a unique refurbishment solution

Boxed Light’s unique Light Services (LSA) model enables landlords to finance the refurbishment of ageing communal lighting systems, by utilising captured energy savings over a 10-year period.

We calculate the pre-installation electricity consumption used in communal lighting areas and then apply a fixed % discount. This means that Boxed Light’s monthly Lighting Charge payment guarantees residents a saving on their pre-existing lighting costs.

Boxed Light utilise these captured energy savings to:

  • Subsidise the full turnkey cost of the new lighting plant
  • Ensure commercially competitive financing costs
  • Guarantee lifecycle replacement of all lighting components for the 10-year term of the LSA

These services are captured in a monthly Operation Charge that, depending on the lighting consumption, can deliver substantive P&L savings on a standard refurbishment.

For example, at one Boxed Light site, the turnkey capital cost was £68,000, but under the LSA the landlord only had to pay an Operation Charge of £340 a month.*

*With a 10.2% guaranteed resident saving applied.

Boxed Light works with landlords’ approved electrical contracting partners or trusted third party contractors who have been proven to uphold the highest professional standards. 

Let’s talk lighting tech
Let’s talk lighting tech
Boxed Light always works closely with landlords. That way we can review all the lighting solutions that are available and determine which is the most appropriate commercial and technical lighting solutions for each site.
Led luminaires

We use the latest LED technology from selected UK manufacturers for luminaires that deliver efficacy, colour temperature control and best-in-class lifetimes. Coupled with control gear from trusted European manufacturers, this ensures all our luminaires are driven by performance.

Lighting controls

Using a suite of controls, we can tailor solutions to our clients’ needs without adding complexity. From simple occupancy sensors to self-test emergency luminaires or networks of self-reporting wireless nodes, we can recommend a solution that is cost-effective, robust and compliant.

Wireless lighting systems

Boxed Energy regularly specify and install Wireless Lighting Systems at appropriate sites. These wifi-enabled monitoring and control systems works in conjunction with the latest LED technology and permit remote self-testing of all emergency lighting luminaires.

Wireless Lighting Systems automatically produce British Standard compliant emergency lighting testing reports and send alarms that immediately highlight lighting failures.

These systems assist compliance reporting and management and enable very efficient management of repairs and maintenance.

More than £20 million of funding is available for
refurbishing outdated lighting systems
and non-compliant emergency lighting
To find out more, ask our highly-trained energy experts for a quote.
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